Upcoming Events



Due to the major changes in Washington after the mid-term elections, CPHF Board members and staff  reached out to our partners, friends and colleagues to gauge interest in postponing our Unsung Heroes of Public Health Awards Reception until early in 2015. This will allow Congress to complete the "Lame Duck" session and will give new members time to settle into their positions. All agreed it would be best to bring our 2014 award winners to Washington when they could meet the in-coming members of Congress.

Because we are moving back the reception, and thanks to the election, you now have until December 15 to complete a nomination. Visit our awards page for nomination forms.

A final date for the DC reception will be announced as soon as the new venue is secured. (Announcement expected early in the week of November 18).


The CPH Foundation has led nearly 200 individuals on tours of public health and prevention institutions. Members of Congress, their staff, members of the media, and prominent business leaders have all benefited from these preventive health policy focused efforts.

Due to the fall midterm elections, the Ebola ramp-up of public health leaders, our pending Unsung Heroes event, and the changes expected in both chambers of Congress, our next educational tours will be planned after the new year. Our goal is to engage newly-minted health committee members in a revised set of tour and Hill briefings.


Partner support is critical to making these trips happen. If your nonprofit organization would be interested in helping us execute one of these tours, please fill out our related Google Survey. We also invite you to call us to learn more.

Our last tour, held in late May of 2014, led a bipartisan group of of Senate staff members with a close connection to the Senate HELP Committee on a tour the CDC. This was our second tour of 2014. The first was a tour for three - bipartisan - members of the House of Representatives.

Be sure to read Alexandra Menardy's blog post about the 2014 Senate tour for an inside look at these critical educational events.